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Hello everyone!


The engagement of children and children-focussed organisations is very important for us as youth constituencies and we want to amplify voices and perspectives of children across the work we do! 


As part of our on-going children and youth mobilisation and celebration  from International Day of Biodiversity to the World Environment Day; and building on efforts from the last year, we are pleased to launch the

Children Voices for Nature – Art Challenge!


We are calling upon children – those under the age of 12  – to get creative and share with us your dream for a future with nature and diversity of life. Your dream will help us build a more inclusive representation of the younger generation in environmental governance processes! 


This is one of several activities that will take place under Children Voice for Nature – so keep an eye for upcoming engagement opportunities and broadcast this in your networks!



Topic 1:  "How I Protect the Environment"

Draw a picture (with pencils or paint, on a recycled surface, for example, an old cereal box or paper) or build something out of reused materials and send a picture of it through this form. This could also be a drawing of activity you do to protect the planet!


Topic 2: "Biodiversity Rocks!"

Draw a picture (with pencils or paint) of something of the diversity of the world in nature, culture and people (for example, dances, festivals, food,  people diversity, nature diversity (biodiversity) or geographical features such as mountains, forests etc.). 


Topic 3: “My  #GenerationRestoration”
How can the #GenerationRestoration logo (visual identity) reflect your perspectives  better? Why not personalise it with a drawing that is special to you? You could replace the ‘heart’ at the top with one of your own designs.


Good examples are:

1) A windmill built with old tetra-pack milk boxes, and wood

2) A drawing of your favourite protection activity (e.g. planting trees, gardening, collecting garbage)

3) Bottle-Car: A car for dolls, action figures or for your little cat made from a bottle

How to take part?

- Draw / build something creative on one of the three topics above 

- Please include your name, age and country in the corner of your drawing

- Take a photo of your creations and upload them using this Submission Form (scroll to the bottom for the upload button)

- Submit! 

The only requirements are to be creative and to integrate reused materials on your project! The first deadline to submit entries for being featured around WED is 3rd June, however we will keep the form open afterward as well! 


Submission form: 

Your entries will be featured!

We will then share all submissions from children on our website and social media platforms, including during the key moments and upcoming UN environmental negotiations!!


**Let your imagination be expressed and help protect the Earth!!!**

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