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Invitation to youth globally to join:

Environment and Faith Working Group

The Environment and Faith Thematic of UNEP MGCY wants to be an active advocate in the idea of building back better. But how to do that without you and your expertise. It works closely with various partners, including UNEP Faith For Earth Initiative.


So we call upon the entire constituency to kindly show your interest in joining the Environment and Faith working group which we would like to operationalize now!


Environment and Faith working group is  a group of young volunteers who consider themselves to be part of any form of faith traditions. They can be ancient religions, new age spiritual organisations, organisations with multi-faiths, organisations or individuals who introduce themselves with some or the other form of faiths and beliefs systems. Our work will be to engage more youth from our respective communities in building a task force in our communities that can engage in meaningful community based climate actions, advocating more responsibility from our respective faith leaders and many similar agendas.The working group will also work with the Faith Caucus of the broader MGCY to cooperation. 


Kindly fill this form , and while filling this very little form your doubts regarding this invitation will also be solved.

See you soon in our upcoming first on-boarding meeting.

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