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Policy Coordination Group

The PCG is an open working group comprising Focal Points, and thematic group/platform leads and accessible to other interested members of CYMG working on thematic topics. The PCG has consulting nature and serves as a platform of interaction and coordination on thematic topics such as, for example, the preparation of negotiations. The PCG provides further policy coherence, coordination, and collective policy position of CYMG.  ​


Capacity Building 

Capacity building is important because it helps children and young people learn new skills, become better at what they do, and handle challenges. It also lets them work together, make positive changes, and become strong leaders who can make a difference in their communities. Check our materials and recorded sessions to get started. 


What have we done this year?


Preparatory Policy Meetings of Youth & Children


Participated in 3 CPR Meetings and 5 Sub Committee Meetings


Interventions/Speeches in CPR/Sub Committee Meetings


Capacity Building Sessions

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