In order to smoothly conduct its work, UNEP MGCY works through different organisational structures which provide support, coordination, and transparent conduct of work. The primary structures are outline below -

The Assembly

The Assembly constitutes the entirety of UNEP MGCY. It consists of all members (entities and individuals) and all structures. It serves as the primary avenue for decision-making within the constituency.

Its functions, among other things include, receiving reports from the Secretariat, contributing to consultations, opening and closing working structures, and elect the members of the Secretariat and Steering Committee.

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The Secretariat

The Secretariat comprises the Global Focal Points and the Operations Facilitation Team. It is responsible for administrative facilitation of the UNEP MGCY.

Global Focal Points

Two Global Focal Points who are elected with a term of two years and until their successors have been elected, are responsible for overall facilitation and oversight of work within UNEP MGCY.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is elected or peer-selected for one year. The Steering Committee is composed of regional facilitators and thematic facilitators and is responsible for policy coherence, regional coordination, oversight of working groups and general governance functions of the constituency.

Ex-officio seat is also provided for youth group from the country of UNEA-Presidency to be represented in the Steering Committee.

There are further structures such as the Operations Facilitation Team, Political Coordination Group, and others. Explore full details in the Processes and Procedures document linked below.