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 Global Youth Coalition on Plastic Pollution (GYCPP) 

Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG) written submissions ahead of INC-3

On the elements not discussed at INC-2, such as the principles and scope of the instrument 

On the potential areas for intersessional work compiled by the co-facilitators of the two contact groups, to inform the work of INC-3 


Youth Constituencies formed a coalition to engage in INC Plastic Negotiations.

The Global Youth Coalition on Plastic Pollution (GYCPP) has been established as a vital platform for fostering youth engagement in addressing plastic pollution. With the aim of ensuring an effective and inclusive Plastics Treaty, the GYCPP represents a coordination body encompassing multiple youth constituencies and networks.

Goals and Objectives

Facilitating Meaningful Youth Participation: We strive to enable the active involvement of young people in policy-making processes concerning plastic pollution, including the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC). By amplifying the voices of youth, we seek to ensure their perspectives are considered and integrated into decision-making.

Encouraging Collaboration and Partnerships: The GYCPP promotes collaboration and partnerships among youth-led organizations. By fostering collective positions and strategies, we aim to enhance our collective impact in eliminating plastic pollution and safeguarding the environment. Together, we can drive transformative change.

Monitoring Progress and Accountability: We are committed to monitoring the progress and implementation of policies and actions related to plastic pollution. Holding governments and stakeholders accountable for protecting the well-being of children, youth, and future generations is a crucial aspect of our work. Through advocacy and oversight, we will push for meaningful change.

Convened by

The GYCPP currently comprises representatives of the following youth constituencies while providing a universal engagement for all youth and youth-led organizations in the space:


  • Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP (UNEA/UNEP)

  • Chemicals and Waste Youth Platform (SAICM & BRS)

  • SCP Youth Platform (10YFP and SDG 12)

  • Global Youth Health Caucus (WHO)

  • Children and Youth Constituency for Sustainable Communities (UN-Habitat)

  • Major Group for Children and Youth (ECOSOC & HLPF)

GYCPP Briefing on INC-2 Outcomes_edited.jpg

Our Position for INC-2

We demand an ambitious treaty with legally binding global goals to end plastic pollution by 2035, one that takes into account the entire life-cycle of plastic and leaves no room for ambiguity and violations.


These should include an immediate elimination of hazardous, unnecessary, and single-use plastics, coupled with a safe, just transition to an indigenous knowledge and science-based circular economy that prioritizes reduction and reuse and establishes clear definitions, standards, and labelling. Governments must extend producer and importer responsibilities and hold them accountable for the damage they continue to make. 


Statements Delivered in Paris

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