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3 Capacity Building Sessions for Youth on Stockholm+50 hosted - Access the Materials!

Three Capacity building sessions have been organized for young people on December 11th, 12th and 20th of 2021. The first two sessions were organised for the Task Force constituents and the meeting on the 20th December 2021 was attended by the Task Force and the members of the Stockholm+50 Youth Working/Focus Group.

The sessions were organised to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the members of the Task Force and the wider constituents about Stockholm+50. The capacity building sessions were designed and delivered keeping in account that the team had members new to the UN processes and environmental and development policy.

Considering the time differences in different regions across the globe, three sessions have been organised to allow members to attend as per their availability and convenience. Pre-reading materials were shared with the to provide wider insight and are provided below.

In the sessions, we discussed in detail about the key actors involved in the Stockholm+50 meeting, 50 years of multilateral history, political context to the negotiation processes, and the UNGA enabling & modalities resolutions on convening this international meeting. In follow- up with the capacity building sessions, the PPT and recordings of the session have been shared with the members.

  • Please find here the powerpoint presentation used during capacity building

  • A list of the pre-reading materials are available here

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