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  • Santhiya Ananth

"An Insider's Perspective: My Experience in the INC-2 Plastics Negotiations"

Written by : Aseel Abotalib, June 2023.

Picture: Aseel speaking in the INC-2 Plenary.

During the INC-2, the Global Youth Coalition on Plastic Pollution (GYCPP) had the chance to participate in all the intervention opportunities during the plenary and the contact groups pushing for the Youth Priorities.

We had the opportunity to meet the European Commission and our demands (draft - 10 youth at the INC-2 priorities) were shared with all the delegates from the EU and its 27 member states.

My reflection with the process is disappointment after a delayed start and the first three days wasted on organizational matters over the rules of procedure rather than the discussions on the substantial matters especially those related to the objectives of the treaty, core obligations, means of implementation and implementation measures.

Fortunately, the third day had the contact groups started late in the evening with the first substantial discussions. The establishment of the youth and children flag in the first contact group and the main plenary gave the GYCPP interventions the advantage to be called and distinguished as a stakeholder group representing the right holders. Unfortunately, youth participating in-person was not many in comparison with some other similar processes where this plastic treaty in the INC meetings has a great potential to influence the coming convention with stronger measures and ambitious objectives.

Picture: Children & Youth delegates with the CY flag along with the Jyoti Mathur-Filipp, Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the INC for Plastics Pollution.

I would suggest having a series of calls before the coming INC-3, Youth consultations at national, regional and global level co-facilitated by the GYCPP and to get the youth collective stand and position so it facilitates youth on the ground interactions with member states delegations. I hope we can see more youth engaged in the delegations as the future is ours and hence we should have a say on the treaty.

The momentum is great and as we proceed to the sessions hopefully member states will show more flexibility and ambitions towards a global treaty that ends plastic pollution.


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