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Asia-Pacific Focused Constituency Call - Outcome Reporting

Dear constituency members from Asia-Pacific,

Thank you once again for your active participation in the inaugural Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Environment Forum held last month 1-3 October. We deeply appreciate your engagement in various segments of the forum most especially in the last day where high-level speakers and guests also actively participated and supported the forum.

We are glad to present to you the draft outcome report of the forum that we will develop in the coming days before the set deadline on 15 November to be submitted to the UNEP regional office as per the project reporting requirements This is a comprehensive document that highlights the overall reporting of the inaugural forum. Here are the important documents to be included in the report:

Prepared by youth:

External documents:

  • Summary Report of the ENB-IISD Summary of the Fourth Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific: 2-7 October 2021

Please join the zoom call on 14th November at 3.00 PM UTC+7 regarding the reporting and other relevant post-forum matters we will discuss.

Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 894 1198 1729

Passcode: youth

During this call, we will take your inputs and recommendations in the said report and we highly appreciate it if you could join in the focussed call.

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