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Asia-Pacific Regional Constituency Call - Sunday 23rd May!!

Dear friends, youth organisations, and advocates from the Asia-Pacific Region,

We are thrilled to announce and invite you to the Asia-Pacific Regional Constituency Call on environmental governance and conservation!

The call will take place on Sunday 23rd of May from 6.30 pm - 8 pm Bangkok Time. The details are at the end of the email. We expect these calls to take place every 2-3 weeks recurring.

Who can join?

The participation in the call is universal in nature - all youth and youth groups working in the Asia Pacific region are invited to participate, including regional networks, grassroots groups, and children-focussed organisations.

TO JOIN THE CALL, please sign-up as member on:

What will we discuss?

We have been in touch with various regional partners, including the UNEP Asia-Pacific Office in Bangkok to further identify opportunities, advocacy moments and events to facilitate engagement of youth from Asia-Pacific youth and activate the networks!

We will be sharing the overview of those and invite different groups to contribute to regional activities.

Furthermore, we are in discussions with UN counterparts on the organization of the first ever Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Environment Assembly (AP-RYEA), in the lead-up to the Asia Pacific Ministerial Dialogue on Environment that will take place in October 2021 (and feeds into UNEA). We envision this as a gathering of representatives of Children and Youth organizations and advocates from the Asia-Pacific region, interested in the environment and sustainable development. It will take place virtually prior to the UNEA 5.2 and Ministerial Dialogue on Environment that will take place in South Korea.

Finally, we will also discuss how to strengthen regional major group engagement together with you all.

Join Whatsapp Group for AP region

A Whatsapp Chat Group is also created for the AP Region wherein we can be in touch with you from time to time and execute different aspects of engagements. Please sign-up to the mailing list: to receive the info about the whatsapp group!

With this, we would like to invite you, your organisation/group to join us at the said Regional Constituency Call on Sunday, 23rd of May from 6.30 - 8.30 PM Bangkok Time. An agenda for the meeting together with reading documents will be sent during the week.

Best wishes,

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