Biodiversity Conservation: A Web of Life

Evans Ndadzungira with the Zimbabwe Youth Biodiversity Network

Harare, Zimbabwe

The “Biodiversity Conservation: A Web of Life” project was motivated by the need to bring awareness on the importance of biodiversity in our daily lives, with a focus on educating youth. Partnering with local schools, Evans Ndadzungira and the Zimbabwe Youth Biodiversity Network taught students that biodiversity is linked to all aspects of life- from human life to animal life. Their goal was to scale up conservation efforts by youth, by inspiring the students to act through awareness and education. The project also brought awareness around the impacts of climate change and how ecosystems provide opportunities for climate change mitigation. The project received widespread acceptance from schools, and it helped a lot of students to understand how they can be involved in biodiversity conservation.

Ultimately, “Biodiversity Conservation: A Web of Life” brought awareness around biodiversity, climate change, and ecosystem services to about 500 students, and more school visits are being planned!

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