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Constituency-wide COVID-19 Youth Solidarity Call - Monday 17th May

Dear constituency members,

We hope this finds you well.

It's more than a year now that the world is facing the challenges of COVID-19, with several countries witnessing the second or third wave of the pandemic.

As we are preparing the launch of advocacy and mobilisation for World Environment Day (WED) and International Day of Biodiversity (IDB), we are cognizant and sensitive to the situations that young people, especially in the Asian continent are going through; we stand in solidarity with everyone that has been affected by the pandemic.

With this spirit, multiple youth constituencies involved in the prep for WED & IDB are convening:

Constituency-wide COVID-19 Youth Solidarity Call

Date & time: Monday 17th May, from 11.30 am- 12.30 noon UTC, which is 5 pm - 6 pm Indian time.

Register on:

During this call, we would like to discuss with youth groups across the world, and those especially in Asia, on how we can adapt and further make our environment and social advocacy sensitive to current situations? As we have tread to have critical conversations on environmental governance, multilateralism and climate action around WED and IDB, how can we further reflect the needs and lived realities of young people, especially from the marginalised backgrounds and grassroots communities?

The solidarity call will be moderated with the support of youth colleagues from the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. We invite you to join us and share your thoughts and feedback. Please also be welcome to broadcast this invitation further in your networks.

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