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From UNCCD: 3rd Webinar on Land-Based Jobs for Youth - Building your business &seizing opportunities

Thursday, 2 September 2021 07:00 to 08:15 GMT/UTC

Speakers: Ms. Tina Birmpili – Deputy Executive Secretary of the UNCCD Mr. Shameek Chakravarty - Founder and CEO at Farmizen Mr. Mincheol Jeong - Founder and Director of Tree Planet

The webinar will focus on the success factors linked to external business environment. The panelists will

  1. Share knowledge about the market and policy environments in Asia that help land-based jobs to come out of the pandemic stronger.

  2. Identify the market and policy challenges young entrepreneurs need to take into consideration for their enterprise.

  3. Advise young entrepreneurs working in the land sector on the relationships they need to build not just to survive, but to thrive.

Register here. Interpretation will be available in English, Arabic, Chinese and Russian

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