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Call for student networks to join as implementing partners for UNEP Green Nudges program

Earlier in September 2020, UNEP launched the "The Little Book of Green Nudges" - an initiative aimed toward shifting behavioral patterns in the context of higher-education, to encourage more sustainable practices among students and staff. The pilot phase of the project will begin in early 2021 !  The initiative also aims to provide evidence-based “nudging” options derived from this field of research. 

Read the full publication HERE and website of the initiative HERE

  • APPLY to become an implementing partner youth / student group on behalf of the constituency 

MGCY has been collaborating with the Education Unit of UNEP to drive implementation together with youth groups and student networks from across the world. As a first step, we need to identify upto five student networks / campus networks (ideally youth-led, but can also be youth-focussed) who would work on the implementation during the pilot phase of the initiative. Is this something your student organization / network / campus group might be interested in? 

Please make an application HERE ( by Sunday 27th September, 23.59 UTC.

Some primary criteria for application include -

- A student network / campus group working on sustainability

- Be available to work on the chosen “nudges” during 2021 (UNEP team will support on this and also provide training)

- Provide regular reports on progress to UNEP MGCY community

- Different types of organisations (local / regional / international) are equally welcome to apply

Broad responsibilities in case you are selected include (they can be tailored as per your context and capacity) -

- Supporting students to pursue more sustainable lifestyles on campus by facilitating such an environment through implementing a green nudge;

- Working closely with UNEP and other participating universities by attending webinars or calls, sharing best practices and reporting results both throughout and at the end of the pilot phase;

-Invite other universities / organisations to join your journey of making campuses more sustainable.

If you are not intending to apply, please be welcome to join the selection committee by sending a bilateral email to those in cc. 

  • More on project timeline phases and upcoming regional webinars

As for the project itself, you can see the timeline of the three phases below:

Phase 1 (Sep 2019 - Aug 2020) - Publication of "The Little Book of Green Nudges" Phase 2 (Sept 2020 - Dec 2020) - Campaign and launch of the book 

Launch of the book alongside YEA! Member

Invite universities and student networks to become pilot campuses to implement green nudges [we are here :-)]

Phase 3 (Jan 2021 - Aug 2021) - Implementation of Green Nudges on the Campus 

Start implementation

Monitor and evaluate the implementation process alongside YEA! Members

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