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International Environmental Law - The role of youth

International environmental law is concerned with the attempt to control pollution and the depletion of natural resources within a framework of sustainable development. It is a branch of public international law - a body of law created by states for states to govern problems that arise between states, and in the transition to sustainable development, plays an important role in addressing specific environmental threats and for integrating long-term environmental protection into the global economy.

Join us on Friday May 21st to learn about the role of youth in international environmental law! Our special guest speaker, Leida Rjinhout, has more than 30 years of experience in international development cooperation and sustainability, and was instrumental in facilitating the input of the global NGO community to United Nations processes. We will see how civil society engaged in advocacy work for more progressive environmental law in the past and we will assess the role of youth in driving change and progress. Register via: for the session on Friday 21st of of May at 11.30am UTC.

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