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IWD dialogue - “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”

Across the globe, women at all levels are championing climate action, and these achievements continue to inspire young minds to break the ceiling and lead the change. As we draw near to celebrate International Women’s Day and in line with the overarching theme, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”, UNEP MGCY is organizing a dialogue session.

With a blend of experienced career leaders, these insights from the session will help inspire and shape the next generation of women leaders who are trying to navigate through the various adversities and bureaucracies. In addition, we believe the conversation should not end here but continue to ignite more conversations and the fiery passion amongst young female activists, scientists, and changemakers around the world.

The ultimate objective of this virtual dialogue is to foster intergenerational conversations between leading women and youth in the wake of climate change, environmental governance, the global pandemic and now Safe Space for Youth Activists.

Please do register your details on this link and check your inbox/spam folder:

We look forward to a highly interactive session which will leave a lasting expression.

In addition, in the spirit of celebrating and amplifying young women championing climate action across the globe, we would like to encourage you to post your power quote/ key message accompanied by your picture inserted in the attached poster (link and share on your social media using the hashtags:

#InternationalWomens Day




Panelists include -

  • Talya Mohammed (Energy and Waste expert at Ideas I Foundation)

  • Julie Rødje (President of Spire, an environment and development organization for youth in Norway.)

  • Claudia Taboada (UNEP MGCY regional coordinator for Latin America and Caribbean/SIDS, also Country Coordinator for COY16 and founder of EducAcción RD)

  • Carolin Fraude (Researcher at Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies and representative Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative)

  • Taza Mulenga (Environmental Management Systems Coordinator - Konkola Copper Mines)

It is important to take ownership and raise our voices during and throughout the month.




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