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Medium Term Strategy Survey - Your input is needed NOW!!!



UNEP is currently finalizing the Medium-Term Strategy (MTS) for the period 2022-2025. The development of the Strategy comes at a critical time for global environmental action, as we face enormous environmental challenges and collectively battle a global pandemic.  

The strategy process represents a tremendous opportunity for UNEP to review and strengthen its organizational performance as a way to achieve the transformation change as called for in the 2030 Agenda, including budget priorities and inclusion of stakeholders in the environmental governance.

The first consultative draft of the MTS that was made available in June 2020 did not reference youth. A big thanks to those UNEP MGCY members involved in the inter-sessional meetings and Bureau meeting last month for their relentless advocacy and intervention support; which eventually led to the second narrative draft containing over six references to youth and a section on major group engagement. While a lot of work remains to be done, this is a positive start. 

We invite you to use this short consultation survey to submit your feedback, thoughts and most important concerns about how ambitious the MTS has to be and what role youth has to play in its implementation and governance.

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