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(member organisation activity): European Pollinators Training: Register Now

We are pleased to invite you to Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)'s upcoming online training course funded by the EU Commission under the STING Project.

Spreading pollen: Community engagement for the protection of pollinators

Course dates: 14th-16th and 21st-23rd of May 2021

This online training course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to implement local actions for the protection of pollinators. It will help you turn your motivation to action and will empower you to become a pollinator champion through coordinating de-centralised direct action in YOUR community.

Why pollinators you ask?

Let’s see:

  • We depend on pollinators for our food supply. A number of crops including carrots, apples, almonds cocoa and coffee owe their existence to pollinators

  • Pollinators are essential for biodiversity by supporting the existence of plants thus maintaining entire ecosystems. The intricate connections between pollinators and plants is the bedrock of thriving ecosystems and all the services they provide.

  • Pollinators provide medicinal products such as manuka honey and propolis

Pollinators undeniably support and sustain nature itself but they are in great danger! Join us for an online training course to find out how you can engage your community for their protection.

Click here for more info on the course.


Apply through submitting this form by the 2nd of May 2021 - Midnight CEST

We will let you know whether your application was successful by the 5th of May.

For any further questions or clarifications please email Venetia Galanaki (Project Lead) at


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