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Marine Litter and Micro-plastics Update

On Friday 17th April 2020, the youth constituency organized a webinar together with UNEP Marine Litter division focused on capacity-building of youth wanting to engage in this crucial process within UNEA.

The webinar resulted in several recommendations and suggestions on youth engagement, including but not limited to -

  • How youth entities can be further inter-grated into the work of UNEP, including special campaigns and initiatives

  • The need for more "knowledge" and evidence on how marine litter impacts well being of children and youth

  • Joint partnerships for supporting, showcasing and mobilizing resources for Youth Action on preventing plastic pollution

The constituency marine litter and micro-plastics working group also developed a position paper as follow-up of the 3rd Ad Hoc Open Ended Expert Working Group (AHOEEG) meeting which can be accessed here.

Also download the presentation from UNEP Marine Litter division here.

image credits: pin-interest: miyako-eco

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