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Multilateralism in an Evolving World - Youth Dialogue with ASGs of UNDESA & UNEP!!

We are pleased to invite you to cross-constituency event: Multilateralism in an Evolving World:

Rebuilding Trust, What do Youth Want? hosted by multiple youth constituencies as a space to have conversations on how future of environmental governance, and youth engagement - with its barriers and possible solutions - can take shape.

The event will take place on Thursday 4th March, 9.00 - 10.30 AM EST (New York time) and will feature Assistant Secretary General of UNDESA - Mr. Elliot Harris, and Assistant Secretary General of UNEP - Mr. Satya Tripathi to engage in the conversation with different youth groups. Join us!!!

We are living in an ever-complex and evolving world. The crisis we face today: the ecological crisis, the climate crisis, the democratic crisis - are existential in nature, and require urgent actions from all sections of society. Citizens of the world, especially young people globally, are looking to the UN system to find collective solutions. However, the realities within the UN system are often contrasting. The year 2020 marked the 75th anniversary of the UN. To commemorate this special occasion, the general assembly adopted the resolution A/Res/75/1- Declaration on the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations. This commemoration was also seen as a movement to revitalise efforts to achieve the future we want and the UN we need through renewed efforts. The virtual Youth Environment Assembly (YEA) concluded on the 20th February, 2021 as the largest youth-led environmental event on the planet (see press release from the UN) with a call for engagement of young people in co-leadership in multilateral fora. Act for Nature. Act With Youth. Being the rallying call as young people tackle the challenges and planetary crisis we face.

This session will focus on barriers that young people and self-organised youth led movements face that makes them lose trust in the UN system. And how can we overcome those barriers? In the spirit of Act With Youth, how can some key barriers listed below be addressed?

  • Lack of resources for youth-led groups and movements,

  • Tokenization of young people,

  • Silo-ed and disconnected work on youth issues in the UN,

  • The realities young people face - how do we make the system fit for purpose?

  • Other barriers that young people bring up

The session will also focus on solutions:

  • What do young people and youth groups feel should be done to address these issues?

  • What are low hanging fruits? What are long-term goals?

  • How can young people feel more hopeful from the UN system?

  • How do we build back trust, while we #BuildBackBetter?

  • What should the UN do?

We are especially looking for Action Points - What can we do to address this? How do we Act Now? And Act With Youth? Come join us! Make your voices heard!

Co-organisers Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG) to UNEP, LAC Regional Youth Caucus - the Millennials Movement, Global Youth Health Caucus, SDG 7 Youth Constituency (SDG7 YC), YOUNGO - Youth Constituency of UNFCCC, GYBN - youth constituency of CBD, GCIYO, Sendai Children and Youth Stakeholders Group - youth constituency to UNDRR, SAARC Youth Platform (SYP) and others!!

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