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OCT 31 | Onboarding and Opportunities Session

Dear Constituency Members,

We trust you are well and geared up for upcoming events and activities!

As has been the tradition, the Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP will host an onboarding session for New Constituency Members and existing members who will want to use the session as a refresher activity tomorrow Sunday October 24, 2021 at 2pm UTC.

This session will also open up conversations about Opportunities for members interested in Communications under the Operations Facilitation.

Members can show their interest areas/skills by filling this form:

JOIN THE ZOOM SESSION DIRECTLY USING: OR Meeting ID: 818 5884 9094 Passcode: 947848 ---------- It is an opportunity to get to know it all about us as a Youth Constituency and showcase your skill set! DON'T MISS OUT!! Disclaimer: We at the Children and Youth Major Group to UN Environment Programme celebrate global diversity. Without having any religious/cult/faith-based intervention, the "Halloween" theme is just another effort to appreciate distinct cultural, spiritual and social avenues and explore youth engagement through different ways young people connect online in the contemporary world.

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