SAICM Communities of Practice on youth engagement with in chemicals & waste

The Chemicals and Waste Youth Platform is pleased to invite you to come to the UNEP SAICM/UCT/GEF Communities of Practise Discussion to promote youth engagement with different stakeholders including governments, NGOs, and IGOs.

Details: Date: 26th May 2021 Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (GMT+2)

Registration: https://unep.webex.com/unep/j.php%3FRGID=raa9599c9be257d8423a5d379e44bd21b

What is it?

This is an open-ended discussion between youth and governments, NGOs and IGOs to foster more meaningful youth engagement around the world. (THIS IS NOT A WEBINAR OR PRESENTATION - it's a discussion!)

hat will we be discussing? Q1 - What do you think are the barriers that prevent youth engagement in the chemicals and waste dialogue? How can we overcome these?

Q2 - Why should youth be included in the chemicals and waste discussion? What are the benefits for your government or organisation from engaging with youth?

Q3 - How can youth be meaningfully engaged in the chemicals and waste management dialogue at the national and international levels? What role would they play? How can I participate?

1) Sign up to the CoP, if you have not done so previously, at: https://saicmknowledge.org/community

Should you require assistance or have questions, contact: uctcops@outlook.com

2) Register for the 26th of May WebEx discussion at: https://unep.webex.com/unep/j.php%3FRGID=raa9599c9be257d8423a5d379e44bd21b

Should you NOT be able to join the discussion but still wish to contribute please click the link below and fill out the Form with your contributions: https://forms.office.com/r/WuKZiPYsxB COME AND JOIN INTO THE DISCUSSION - WE NEED YOUTH TO COME AND TALK TO THE GOVERNMENTS, NGOs AND IGOs!