Share an existing policy / position paper from your constituency/ network/ organization

As part of development of the collective youth policy/position paper, we want to ensure that the policy demands are coherent and concrete while also not duplicating the amazing work that our fellow constituencies and youth groups have already done or are doing; and that our work builds on the existing policy stances. We have already started mapping and consolidation exercises of existing position papers across the UN system from youth groups, and would now like to invite everyone to contribute!

We request all youth constituencies, organizations, networks and entities to support us by sharing your existing policy/position papers using the link here. This can include any previous policy paper relevant on environment, sustainable development, healthy planet, and related topics. These can be the outcomes from youth forums (global, regional, national, community, etc.), consulted positions on policy processes, thematic policy papers, etc; preferably from recent (not older than 10+ years), inclusive processes, but all input is welcome.

Remember that the five “Rs” for Stockholm+50 are: Regeneration, Recovery, Rebalance, Renewal, Reimagine. And the three Leadership Dialogues at Stockholm+50 will build on:

  1. Reflecting on the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all (transformative actions to redefine our relationship with nature)

  2. Achieving a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic (short-term actions needed to recover and build forward from the pandemic)

  3. Accelerating the implementation of the environmental dimension of Sustainable Development in the context, of the Decade of Action (focussing on the means to implement commitments through collaboration)

While the form will remain open for the coming weeks, we request you to share the first set of existing position/policy papers by an initial deadline of 7th January 2022.

Please share with us existing policy/position papers using the form: https://forms.gle/q2rt8JLep1t1GUTe8