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Paid/Funded Opportunities to engage with UNEP@50 process - APPLY NOW

In the year of 2022, UNEP will celebrate its 50th anniversary with the name of the commemoration as “UNEP@50”, which will comprise various aspects, events and activities. It is in particular expected that the process will result in new and innovative ideas and alternative views that are not necessarily mainstream and that may be provocative, pushing decision makers to consider fundamental rather than just incremental changes.

To drive engagement of the Major Groups and Stakeholders (MGS) on environmental processes, the UNEA 5.1 mandated for a UNEP@50 taskforce to be constituted led by the Science & Technology and Children & Youth Major Groups. The task force has been working since the end of 2020, and preparing for various activities such as MGS Consultations, Mini Survey, Substantive Research Survey, Interviews, and finally culminating into A “UNEP We Want” Report. UNEP secretariat has agreed to support the work of the Task Force financially, with funding managed and routed by the Central European University (CEU) - which is the host entity for this project through the Science & Technology Major Group. Internally, the Children and Youth Major Group carried out multiple consultations (see email trail below for more detauils) for determining the scope, functions and funded roles for the youth constituency. We are pleased to share with you below the funded/paid opportunities to apply for! Open calls for:

  • 3 Youth Co-Authors: total honorarium of 2000 USD each

  • 1 Communication Officer: total honorarium of 1000 USD

  • 1 Social Media Manager, including content creation: total honorarium of 1000 USD

All roles will be carried out from the second half of August - mid December 2021. Interested to apply? Please read through full description / details of the roles HERE And make an application via application form HERE Deadline - 14 August 2021, 1800 UTC How will the Selection Process be done?

  • An open and competitive selection process will be carried about based upon the existing constituency’s selection guidelines

  • A voluntary selection team comprising youth from the Steering Committee of Major Group for Children and Youth and broader youth community has been constituted

  • In case you are not an applicant in any of the roles, and would like to voluntarily help us out with selection processes, please write an email to expressing your interest

  • Upon the receiving of applications, they would be assessed on a rolling basis on the various criteria described above, ensuring gender, regional balance; and representation from the minority communities. Similarly diverse experiences will be considered: including youth who have experiences working in these processes, and those are new to these processes and demonstrate skills for the same

  • The selected applicants will then be contacted for confirmation

  • Upon their confirmation including from host organisation CEU, they will be introduced and inducted to the Task Force to commence their responsibilities

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