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Youth Engagement Workplan for WED 2020 and more updates!

We have updates on the World Environment Day (WED2020) activities!

Formation of WED Youth Task Force 

Thanks a lot to everyone who applied for joining the WED Youth Task force. We received ~200 applications from different parts of the world, and the selection committee was able to choose 15 youth as regional representatives. In addition to that, given the theme of WED on biodiversity and importance of nature, we have colleagues from the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) joining the task force as well.  You can find the list of selected youth at the end of this post.

Youth Engagement Work Plan finalised 

Focal Points and members of the Task Force worked together with UNEP Communications Division on a Youth Engagement Work Plan for WED 2020, which comprises list activities to be done in the lead-up to the WED, how work of different youth organisations can be supported and featured, roles and responsibilities of the Task Force members, coordination with regional UNEP offices, social media coordination between UN entities and youth constituency handles, and also timeline of these tasks. You are invited to read through the work plan PDF HERE (as finalised on 11 April 2020)

Next steps 

In the coming days, we will be working on the work plan activities, and also consulting with all of you, as appropriate, on different elements to make sure views of all interested members are taken onboard. Given the unprecedented health crisis we are facing globally, it is more than important to come together as a community and demonstrate collective spirit of action. WED 2020 (and activities in the lead-up) would be digital in nature, and we hope this provides an opportunity for us to come together as a movement in ensuring the environmental priorities and climate crisis continues to be on the agenda for the decision-makers. 

List of Youth Task-force members; for detailed overview and contact information visit HERE

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