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Youth Day @ISC3 Global Week for Sustainability

Dear fantastic constituency members, warriors for the environment , and overall awesome people ,

We are pleased to announce that tomorrow 11/11 at 12:30-2:00pm (CET), we will be running an event "People, Plastic and Pollution - How Can Youth Engagement Solve the Global Challenges of Today?" at the International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre's Global Week of Sustainable Chemistry's Youth Day.

Our event brings together people from the UN, industry, and academia to discuss “How can youth/young chemists apply their knowledge/skills to influence decision making in international chemicals, waste, pollution, and sustainable chemistry space?”

The event will go as follows:

  1. A welcome to our participants

  2. A briefing by youth from developing nations on how chemicals and waste impact their lives

  3. An introduction to the work of our panellists

  4. A dialogue between youth and experts in international chemicals and waste policy (Mr. Osvaldo Alvarez (Consul General of the Chilian Embassy to HK SAR & President of the Basel Convention COP) and Dr. Claudia ten Have (Senior Policy Coordination Officer of the Minamata Secretariat).

  5. Moderated questions from the participants

  6. Closing remarks

Then, stick around to join the fascinating discussion and event hosted by our friends / one of our constituency's organisations (German Young Chemists Forum of the German Chemical Society (GDCh-JCF))! They will be hosting an event called: "Young Chemists Expectations of the Chemical Sector - A Multi-Stakeholder Discussion." on the same zoom link from 2:00-3:30pm CET.


Register here:

Cost: $0 for all CYMG and youth!

==================================================================== Sign up now in the link above! See you there! Dickson Ho (He/Him) Platform Facilitator for Chemicals & Waste, Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP e: m: +61 430 552 502

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