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From UN Youth Envoy: Join #YouthLead Innovation Festival for IYD 2021 !!

Registration is now open for the first-ever #YouthLead Innovation Festival on 12-13 August!

The #YouthLead Innovation Festival which will take place on August 12-13 2021, the International Youth Day, is a celebration of innovative youth-led solutions for the achievement of the SDGs and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic hosted by the United Nations Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth (OSGEY).

The Festival is a strategic and timely approach to drive our world to a solutions-oriented future through youth-led innovation as it brings together young innovators and solutions makers together with United Nations offices, policymakers and industry leaders.

The event present opportunities for multistakeholder dialogue and collaboration for the use of innovation and technology to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and support the COVID19 Recovery agenda.

The Festival also aims to address the fact that despite the growth of digital technology and innovation, many young innovators from the vulnerable and marginalized community are still left behind. Gender equality and the Leaving No One Behind principle are at the heart of our work as well as this celebration for International Youth Day, therefore the Festival aims to provide space and platform to highlight great innovative work of young women, LGBTQI youth, indigenous youth, migrants, refugees, and stateless youth, and young people with disabilities as well as the innovative work that aims to support them.

Interested? Register for the #YouthLead Innovation Festival today!

Alongside the International Youth Day celebration: #YouthLead Innovation Festival, OSGEY is also inviting young people to share how they are implementing innovative ideas to help us achieve a better world.

Submit your ideas via a short video to be featured on the OSGEY’s TikTok this August in the lead up to the #YouthLead Innovation Festival. Please keep videos under 60 seconds.

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