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Youth Uniting for UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

a system-wide movement

World governments have proclaimed 2021-2030 as the
United Nations Decade on Ecosystem  Restoration

On 1st of March 2019, UN General Assembly through Resolution 73/284, proclaimed the Decade with the "goal to prevent, halt and reverse ecosystem degradation – for all terrestrial and marine ecosystems". The implementation of the Decade is led by UNEP and FAO, in collaboration with the three Rio-Conventions (UNCBD, UNCCD and UNFCCC). The decade provides an avenue for unprecedented actions by sections of society, while mainstreaming inter-generational equity.

Meaningful youth engagement

UNEP MGCY and UNMGCY SDG2 Working Group serves as formal space for youth engagement in the Decade

United Nations and its member states, through the UN Strategy on the Decade, have provided a mandate to the youth constituency to "facilitate the engagement of youth advocates, youth-led restoration initiatives and a wide range of formal and informal youth groups"  and to "also present recommendations emerging from youth on how to catalyse the upscaling of restoration globally to governments worldwide".

Engage with youth movements globally
Join constituency Focus Group on Decade

The constituency Focus Group on Ecosystem Restoration brings together different youth organizations, movements, initiatives, and interested individuals who intend to engage in the Decade process. It also serves as platform for decision-making and formal youth positions on the Decade. Currently the group is developing an annual plan to UNEA-5, including on how to finance youth activities. Sign up below to become a member!

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Youth Paper on Ecosystem Restoration

In preparation for the UN Strategy to the Decade, youth  organisations from more than 20 countries hosted on-ground consultations, the outcomes of which are captured in the Youth Paper on Ecosystem Restoration released in February 2020. An overview of consultations is shown on the left. Read the paper to learn more about the demands and priorities of young people.

Learn more: access capacity-building materials

To help boost children and youth's understanding of the processes of the Decade, we have cooperated with the partnering UN agencies to put together several documents and presentations, which you can also share within your networks!

Further readings: 

​​Overview the Restoration Decade - by UNEP & FAO (power-point)

Inter-linkages between climate change & ecosystem restoration  - by UNFCCC

Inter-linkages between biodiversity & ecosystem restoration - by GYBN 

Restoration Decade & Youth 101 - by UNEP MGCY

A guide on holding youth consultation on Decade - by UNEP MGCY

Youth Paper on Ecosystem Restoration (collective document)

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Engaged youth entities

Youth constituencies and organizations from diverse parts of the world are already part of these efforts. We invite you to join the movement !

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